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Isaac Bonora is an Industrial Designer and programmer based in Munich, Germany. In 2023 he graduated with first-class honours in Industrial Design at Queensland University of Technology with a strong interest in solving users’ problems with design thinking. He is currently a designer at Idealworks, a BMW Group and Agile Robots company, applying human-centered design techniques to support teams internally with web-based solutions to improve user satisfaction.


ModClave: Store & Sterilise 2022
Innovative Sterilization Solution: Redefining Healthcare Sustainability and Waste Reduction.

An affordable and compact sterilisation device that addresses waste mismanagement in healthcare by enabling clinics to reprocess instruments, promoting sustainability and emphasizing the importance of waste reduction in healthcare settings.

This project was completed over 12-months in the final year of my Industrial Design degree as my disertation project. The projects outcome incluced a reserach thesis and a developed product based on the reserach completed in the first 6 months of the project.

Good Design Award Gold Winner, 2023 Good Design Award Gold Winner, 2023
DiCart: Personalised. Sensitive. Care 2022
Elevating T1D Management: Bridging Sensitivity and Seamlessness for Diabetes Care.
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The DiCart project is a revolutionary intervention that combines a digital platform and a physical product to empower individuals managing type 1 diabetes (T1D). It offers a sensitive and seamless solution, addressing the emotional and behavioral challenges faced by T1D patients and removing the stigma associated with their daily medical rituals.

This project was completed for a unit called New Product Development where the focus was on viability within the market. The product itself is derived from personal experience with loved ones with Type 1 Diabetes.

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