DiCart: Personalized. Sensitive. Care.


The intervention defined in the attached document consists of two parts, a digital platform that is the user’s touchpoint and allows for deep insights into one’s health. Alongside a physical product, consisting of a kit with replaceable cartridges, supporting a sensitive experience where the user can take care of themselves without the stigmas attached to public displays of medical procedures.

The DiCart service described in this document offers a novel solution to an emotional and behavioural problem often found with traditional diabetic care products. The literature discussed highlights that many existing products often fail to be sensitive to the user’s needs in the vulnerable moments in the daily actions required to maintain glycemic goals. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (2022) tells us that there are 1.3 million people in Australia with diabetes today, where 1 in 5 have type 1 diabetes (T1D)—suggesting a not-so-insignificant amount of those managing T1D actively with insulin in Australia. Investment sought after will relieve the short-term pressure found in costs of setting up manufacturing, distribution and development.

The Project

The project included two majour pieces of deliverables including an online pitch landing page (similar to a kickstarter page) and a business case plan document that may be presented to potential employers.


Dicart kit system website pitch.

The website gives the viewer a quick overview of the problems found in existing diabetic products, outlines potential pain points, and offers valuable solutions.

The website can be found here: https://isaacbonora.wixsite.com/dicart

Business Case Plan

The 29-page document outlines a business case of potential new diabetic product that has potential to disrupt the industry. It gives investors key pieces of knowledge that will help in-form investment potential. Defining user, scope, distribution and market strategies.

You can view the Business Case Plan here: Dropbox Link