Home by Toni Morrison

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Part 1 of my series for the zine. outdoors whole house.

About this shoot

This project was from a recent assignment at university where as a team were tasked to create a book cover for the book Home by Toni Morrison. The images in question are the ones I’ve used to put in the zine that was apart of the project. A place for us as individuals to express our own touch referring to the book.

Part 2 of my series for the zine. door close up. Part 3 of my series for the zine. extreme close up of key.

This set of three images were the final shots I put in to the zine. Basing of the final three lines from the cornerstone poem in the book > This house is strange. Its shadows lie. Say, tell me why does its lock fit my key?

This series of images are more of an ideation process testing ideas to see if they’re effective. The first shot was based more on the protagonists mental state. Whereas the final two shots were more based on the poems content. “its shadows lie” was a main point of focus, where, with a small handheld light (AL-M9), I took a series of images from a tripod to then process in Photoshop. Layering each image adjusting each colour to complement.  Revealing shadows that the viewer may not have notices prior.

Alternate colour test, red and green. Me expaned around a house. strange colours, with a weird transition. door closeup.

Also some extra images that really didn’t turn out like I wanted. But for completion sake and explanation of the process I’ve also included.

Alternate colour test on shadows Light box style, taking coloured light from a single source overalyed with illustrator object.

Finally, what this whole project was for - the book cover. Illustrations not done by me, but technical areas and macro designs mostly by me. eg. how it should be printed, layout, ensuring it’s affixed to the book correctly and colours.

Redesigned bookcover for the novel by Toni Morrison : Home

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