Frosted Speaker

Isaac Bonora on

A quick project, we recently moved to a desktop messaging platform, as a result of growing into a second space for our offices. The need for a way to let our warehouse staff know of a message over the sound of lasers and exhaust fans was becoming apparent with time-sensitive messages falling through.

Thus a speaker was required. Now, being at Vector Etch has afforded a lot more creative outlets compared to other workplaces of mine. When just buying some cheap desktop speakers could have been easy, we decided otherwise. After some quick sketching and a few Ebay searches we tracked down parts to put together a speaker/amp assembly. A quick laser cut and heat bend later we had a case.

Then after a quick installation, we had a working speaker that was quite capable of letting everyone know of a message and, if the volume was too loud. It was capable of letting you know the power supply isn’t big enough and shorting itself.